The Complete List of Stories

Season Seven. Click here to view story blurbs. The brilliant, impatient, ethical, and beautiful Liz Shaw, joins UNIT. Not always willing to obey the orders in the military, Liz joins the Doctor and the Brigadier in various forays against earthly monsters, legends from the past, horrors from the future, and heavenly mice.

Season Eight. Click here to view story blurbs. After Liz departs, Jo Grant, immature teeny-bopper with visions of adventure, joins the UNIT team. But Jo grows up fast as she and the Doctor play a deadly game of poker against in interstellar gambler, fall under the spell of dim-witted timelord duplicate, and entertain a strange and courteous visitor whose gaze drives humans mad.

Season Nine. Click here to view story blurbs. After Jo saves the Doctor's life in The Daemons, the Doctor undertakes her education in earnest. Their friendship deepens and grows as they encounter the major epics of my canon: an old villain returns when they discover that the creature from the Keller machine is still alive; and the Doctor returns to an old villain when he once again crosses the dimensional barrier. Forensic science and quick-paced detective work set the pace when men start killing the women that they love and when weight lifters suddenly go berserk with a terminal case of madness.

Season Ten. Click here to view story blurbs. The Doctor and Jo take off for outer space as the Doctor's exile is lifted. Their first teams them up with Mags Hardbottle, Detective to the Stars. Then Jo goes back to nature whole heartedly and has to be rescued. Finally, back on earth, the Doctor and his companion face onemore threat to mankind together, and then after Jo departs, the Brigadier and the Doctor enjoy a road trip together back to the American West, where they are mistaken for Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Season Eleven. Click here to view story blurbs. The independent, adventurous, but vulnerable Sarah Jane Smith comes on as the new companion. First, it's off to space as the Doctor matches wits with a pint-sized tempter. From there, the heavens open up to Sarah Jane as she meets the best and the worst that the infinite domain has to offer. The adventures take a brief respite with an earth-bound story as the Doctor and Sarah are tracked by alien hunters. And then it's back to space as the two travelers confront the ultimate mercy and the ultimate terror in the Toliman star system. The canon ends with a return of sorts as the Doctor, dying, performs one last act of friendship and compassion as he attempts to rescue his friends from UNIT.