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Stories from the canon (the TV series)are listed on the left. A retcon is a rewrite of a canonical story to correct places where it contradicts other stories in the canon. Some retcons can be so severe that they amount to virtual rewriting of the canon. When I retcon a story, I do so to make the entire canon flow better. My retcons are mild, designed at increasing cohesiveness, not changing things around.

Original stories that I've written are listed on the right. Both BBC stories and my stories are listed down the page in chronological order. You can see where each of my stories fit in with the canon, and if you are new to Dr. Who (or new to the Third Doctor), you can take a peek at the retcon summaries to see what went on during the four years of his tenure.

Terror of the Autons Jeri's retcon. The first canonical story to feature Jo Grant. I added very few items.

Two of a Kind Set after Terror of the Autons. After their first adventure together, the Doctor and Jo attend a party, but the Doctor's young assistant realizes that he brought her along only because he did not want to go alone. And then he loses her to a gambler in a poker game! Things go from bad to worse as it becomes apparent that the Doctor cannot beat her card-playing captor alone.

Mind of Evil Jeri's retcon. A truly eerie story from the canon, featuring the creature from the Keller Machine (heavily referenced in my story, Blood Dimmed Tide)
NOTE: This is a graphic intensive page, featuring 27 video stills from the TV episode. May require extra time to download this page.

The First Doctor Who Story Ever Told The frame story is set after Mind of Evil. Illustrations by Hardy Boys illustrator Del Thompson (Thompson Bros. Studio). As Jo's first Christmas at UNIT approaches, she learns more about the Doctor's history, his childhood friendship with the Master, and their first discovery of the vastness of the universe around them and the mysterious complexities of human behavior. Be sure to read the intro before you plunge into Episode One!

Claws of Axos Jeri's retcon. A romp from the canon, lots of running in and out of danger, and a hint of treachery from the Doctor. The retcon includes a significant frontpiece and an endpiece. It smoothes out some of the characterization difficulties raised in the canon, especially concerning Jo.

Global Search and Replace Short Story. Set after Claws of Axos. The Doctor has been replaced by somebody more young, more handsome, and more vain. Has our favorite timelord been outgunned by some over reaching graduate student? But when things seem at their worst, the Doctor finds a friend in an unlikely place. Dexterity with a mop is all that can save him from a cosmic global search and replace operation that will alter, not only his life, but the lives of his friends at UNIT.

Colony in Space Jeri's retcon. Tinged with dullness in the canon, the retcon of this story gets some added spice by the retconning of Dent as a sadistic woman captain (as was originally intended by the BBC until the idea was canned as being too sexual). The retcon also shows the further development of Jo's understanding of the Doctor's exile on earth.

Trumpkin Set after Colony in Space. Restless and bored after their one flight into adventure on another planet, the Doctor is chafing in exile on earth. An unexpected visit from an alien turns the lab at UNIT into chaos, and Jo learns about what it is to be a faceless stranger in the universe.

The Daemons Jeri's retcon. The pivotal story during Jo's tenure with the Doctor. The retcon corrects some of the plot's lapses in logic and continuity by supplying reasons for everything that happens in the story. I added a long section at the end replacing the maypole dance, which stretched my credulousness beyond its limits. I added a section showing the change in the Doctor after Jo's sacrifice.

Blood-Dimmed Tide Set after The Daemons. Chapter one written with Rebecca Anderson. The nation is terrorized by unearthly storms and natural catastrophes. The Doctor himself goes mad and has to be restrained. And out in the desert in Jordan, a living Sphinx rises from the sands. Everything points ot the fulfillment of William Butler Yeats' prophecy of a terrifying new era of bloodshed. Is the world on the edge of apocalypse?

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