Season Eleven

Stories from the canon (the TV series)are listed on the left. A retcon is a rewrite of a canonical story to correct places where it contradicts other stories in the canon. Some retcons can be so severe that they amount to virtual rewriting of the canon. When I retcon a story, I do so to make the entire canon flow better. My retcons are mild, designed at increasing cohesiveness, not changing things around.

Original stories that I've written are listed on the right. Both BBC stories and my stories are listed down the page in chronological order. You can see where each of my stories fit in with the canon, and if you are new to Dr. Who (or new to the Third Doctor), you can take a peek at the retcon summaries to see what went on during the four years of his tenure.

The Time Warrior

A Jynx at Christmas Set after The Time Warrior. The 1998 Christmas Story finds the Doctor and Sarah trapped with a creature known as a "Jynx." Even as the Doctor tries to keep his young human companion safe from this intruder, the intruder shows that it knows some things, even about time lords, that the Doctor has not guessed.

Invasion of the Dinosaurs

Insiders Set after Invasion of the Dinosaurs.Sarah Jane heedlessly bumbles into danger, inadvertently coming between the Doctor and an enemy that the time lord has thwarted. Her rash actions set off a chain reaction that leads her to a remote corner of the galaxy where she is hunted as food on a desperate trek to survive. And the Doctor finds himself teaming up with the galaxy's premier detective, Mags Hardbottle, to locate Sarah Jane in time. This story is a sequel to Book of Five Rings, and it is followed by its own sequel, Death and Toliman. Graham Woodland has written a review of Insiders. Click here to read it.

Death to the Daleks

Hounds and Hares Set after Death to the Daleks. Written on the occasion of Jon Pertwee's death, and dedicated to him. The Doctor and Sarah Jane are hurled to Earth, at the mercy of the warlike and highly competitive Arctureans, who seek to compete with them in a deadly game. When the Doctor and Sarah are discovered by a trio made up of two thirteen year-olds and their nine year old protege, they find the unexpected help that could save them. But the savage Arctureans are not pleased at this interference.

Monster of Peladon

Death and Chocolate.Set after Monster of Peladon. On a lark to the Royalty House Chocolates Headquarters, the Doctor and Sarah Jane stumble across dark secrets and the death of several children. Perplexed by the suicides of two financiers who were devoted chocolate fanciers, the Brigadier opens an investigation against enormous pressure and resistance. And Sarah Jane discovers, in the worst possible way, the secret and total power that Royalty House Chocolates has over those who eat their sweet and deadly offerings. This story was written in 2003, after the official close of my Dr Who canon.

Death and Toliman. Set after Monster of Peladon. A house of death, two mysterious trackers who follow their prey by scent through crowded London, and a trumped up murder charge against Sarah Jane Smith entangle the Doctor in a complex mystery as he tries to unravel the clues. And Sarah Jane herself finds a bridge into the heavens that leads her to an ancient, savage, and wise person who desperately needs her part in death so that his world can live. Her quest into the heavens is not over, as she discovers that truly the secret to life is death, and she has been chosen as its messenger.This story closes my Third Doctor canon, July 2001. More info on closing the canon

Planet of the Spiders No retcon available, but it really needs one to smooth some things out and straighten up characterization.

Click here for Killer Bees Set after Planet of the Spiders. The Doctor is dead, and Jo Grant finds herself at the mercy of the Master. But kind strangers are dogging her footsteps. Is the Doctor that she knew gone forever, or will there be one last reunion in time?

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