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Season Seven

Stories from the canon (the TV series)are listed on the left. A retcon is a rewrite of a canonical story to correct places where it contradicts other stories in the canon. Some retcons can be so severe that they amount to virtual rewriting of the canon. When I retcon a story, I do so to make the entire canon flow better. My retcons are mild, designed at increasing cohesiveness, not changing things around.

Original stories that I've written are listed on the right. Both BBC stories and my stories are listed down the page in chronological order. You can see where each of my stories fit in with the canon, and if you are new to Dr. Who (or new to the Third Doctor), you can take a peek at the retcon summaries to see what went on during the four years of his tenure.

Spearhead From Space No retcon for this canonical story. The first canonical story to feature the Third Doctor. This is also Liz Shaw's first story.

Night Terrors Set after Spearhead From Space. After their first adventure, Liz is still getting to know the Doctor. They set out alone together to explore the causes of multiple suicides and catastrophes at a distant village far from UNIT. Science, folklore, and a tragedy from the Doctor's own distant past are about to converge.

The Fighting Dead A single Chinese talisman, four ritualized murders, and a bank robbery are the only leads that the Brigadier has when Scotland Yard asks for assistance. Liz and the Doctor seek to find a rationale behind a mysterious cult called The Fighting Dead. When one of the cult members is killed at UNIT HQ, his peers seek to avenge themselves. Liz and the Doctor are on the short list to be the next victims but find themselves allied with a Catholic priest as well as an unusual martial arts master who also practices "The Way of Being Dead." The Outsider has written a review of this story. Click here to read it.

The Silurians. No retcon for this canonical story.

Lab Mice Short Story. Set after The Silurians. Sgt. Benton is in hospital, suffering some terrible after-effect of the Silurian attack. The Doctor and Liz frantically attempt to track down the source of his deadly illness. Four groups of lab mice must be sacrificed to find the knowledge. But other observers are at work as well, carrying out their own investigation, unknown to the UNIT team.Illustrations by Paul Gadzikowski.

Shadow of the Daleks What, exactly, makes a Dalek a Dalek? And when does life begin for a Dalek? A riot at the gates of UNIT, a conspiracy theory run amok, and two petty and ambitious scientists determined to make a name for themselves could cause a major interrupt in the terrestrial balance of power and create a weapon that will eventually wipe out the human race. The Doctor and Liz must set things right and trace the origin of a dangerous secret hidden at a NATO research site.

Ambassadors of Death No retcon for this canonical story.

Faint Glimmerings of Light The shining faces of dead men and unusual feats of strength in the boxing arena capture UNIT's attention. When the Doctor is soundly beaten and left for dead, Liz seeks out Anne Thomson again. It seems that the Fighting Dead have returned. But are these superior skills the result of training and mental discipline, or are there other forces at work? Now online!

Christmas With Friends When the Brigadier orders Liz to run a testing sequence on the Pleaides satellite system on Christmas day, and the Doctor disappears for the holidays, Liz Shaw is set for a bleak and unhappy Christmas. She may be right, but it certainly will not be boring. Enemy agents, a mysterious dark figure wandering the lonely hillside, and a few grains of potassium make for one explosive Christmas. The Christmas 1999 story

Inferno No retcon for this canonical story.

The Dead Go Searching A horrible discovery at a distant morgue nearly severs the partnership between Liz and the Doctor. Overcome with grief from the death of a friend, Liz becomes obsessed with finding the killer. Heedless of the Doctor's warnings and the Brigadier's orders, she plunges over the edge of the barricade between life and death as she searches for the truth.

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