Season Nine

Stories from the canon (the TV series)are listed on the left. A retcon is a rewrite of a canonical story to correct places where it contradicts other stories in the canon. Some retcons can be so severe that they amount to virtual rewriting of the canon. When I retcon a story, I do so to make the entire canon flow better. My retcons are mild, designed at increasing cohesiveness, not changing things around.

Original stories that I've written are listed on the right. Both BBC stories and my stories are listed down the page in chronological order. You can see where each of my stories fit in with the canon, and if you are new to Dr. Who (or new to the Third Doctor), you can take a peek at the retcon summaries to see what went on during the four years of his tenure.

Blood-Dimmed Tide Set after The Daemons. Chapter one written with Rebecca Anderson. The nation is terrorized by unearthly storms and natural catastrophes. The Doctor himself goes mad and has to be restrained. And out in the desert in Jordan, a living Sphinx rises from the sands. Everything points ot the fulfillment of William Butler Yeats' prophecy of a terrifying new era of bloodshed. Is the world on the edge of apocalypse?
Day of the Daleks No retcon avaiable for this canonical story.
Strange Darkness Scotland Yard calls UNIT in to investigate a series of murders--each with a different murderer, but each equally inexplicable. Loving and faithful husbands are murdering their wives. The Doctor quickly concludes that some external influence is at work and that no human male is immune to being turned into a killer. But it's too late when he realizes that time lords are not immune, either. This story is set after Day of the Daleks.
Curse of Peladon No retcon available for this canonical story.
The Second Dr. Who Christmas Story Set after Curse of Peladon. Reeling from an accident in the TARDIS that occurred when the Doctor tried to force it out of the control of the Council of the Timelords, the Doctor and Jo arrive on earth just before Christmas. But Jo is being stalked by a hideous creature that preys on her in her sleep. Assuring her (and himself) that this is just her mind playing tricks on her, the Doctor takes her to spend Christmas with her family, where the theft of a top-secret design document complicates matters and lands the Doctor in jail.
The Sea Devils No retcon available for this canonical story.
The Revengers Set after The Sea Devils. Called in by a Scotland Yard pathologist to diagnose a deteriorating brain, the Doctor realizes that a new illness has been introduced into the population. But what are its causes? When three men in different parts of London fall into irreversible dementia and then die, he must find the link between them. He and Jo enter the seamy, dark side of sports competition when they investigate a possible link of the illness to experimental anabolic steroids.
The Mutants No retcon available for this canonical story.
UNIT U.S.A. Set after The Mutants. Beleaguered by radiation phenomena and an unexplained death in the swamps of the nuclear Savannah River Plant, UNIT U.S.A.'s tiny force of men calls for help from London. In no time, the Doctor, Jo, and the other members of the team are on their way to South Carolina to lead an investigation. But conspiracy, personal ambition, and a dangerous extra-terrestrial creature and its keepers await them.
The Time Monster
The Dangers of Exceeding the Blinovitch Limitation Effect Set after The Time Monster. A sequel to Inferno.Made restless by his long exile on earth and frustrated by his failure years before against the megalomaniac Professor Stahlman, the Doctor determines to change the history of a parallel earth. Not realizing that his first journey into that reality did not provide him with enough information, the Doctor has many tragic surprises awaiting him. His reckless venture endangers not only himself and Jo, but also the desperate citizens of this alternative earth. Click here to view The Odeon's book cover for this story. You can also read his review of this story.

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