Season Ten

Stories from the canon (the TV series)are listed on the left. A retcon is a rewrite of a canonical story to correct places where it contradicts other stories in the canon. Some retcons can be so severe that they amount to virtual rewriting of the canon. When I retcon a story, I do so to make the entire canon flow better. My retcons are mild, designed at increasing cohesiveness, not changing things around.

Original stories that I've written are listed on the right. Both BBC stories and my stories are listed down the page in chronological order. You can see where each of my stories fit in with the canon, and if you are new to Dr. Who (or new to the Third Doctor), you can take a peek at the retcon summaries to see what went on during the four years of his tenure.

The Three Doctors
Book of Five Rings Feature Length Story. Set after The Three Doctors. As the Doctor prepares the TARDIS for his first trip after his enforced exile, Jo is snatched away into time and space. Meanwhile, on a distant planet, a young detective witnesses the ruthless kidnapping of the Master. The Doctor is being goaded into a meeting with a new enemy---or is it an old enemy? He and his old adversary, the Master, must team up to defeat a common foe.

Carnival of Monsters
Mistaken Identity Short Story. Set after Carnival of Monsters. A board of inquiry has been called into the conduct of UNIT personnel. Who is behind it? the self-important and dreadful Mr. Chin, who was the dupe of the Axons. Meanwhile, when Jo wanders off during a brief jaunt to another planet, the Doctor stumbles onto a bizarre ability of a species to save itself from extinction.

Frontier in Space
Christmas After Dark The Christmas 2000 Story. Set after Frontier in Space. In the last of the scheduled Christmas stories, the Doctor and Jo are sent on an emergency mission to the North Pole. Out on the pack ice of the Arctic terrain, they find evidence of an aged wooden building that enemy agents have blown apart in their paranoid urgency for secrecy. But whoever once inhabited the structure has survived. If there is a Santa Clause, Jo and the Doctor soon discover that it's a bad idea to make him angry. Three episodes.

Planet of the Daleks
Influx of the Array Feature Length Story. Set after Planet of the Daleks. When powerful electronic equipment fails from brief, and mysterious magnetic pulses, the mystery leads the Doctor and Jo to the Master, who has taken the young and brilliant Diana Wilmer under his wing. Confined to a wheelchair, Diana has secrets of her own---including an intellect that can comprehend time travel. An unearthly alien is sucked into the Master's plan, as well as the latest technology from the Strategic Defense Initiative of the US military. The Doctor must save the earth from being engulfed by a deadly, non-sentient alien who can destroy the atmosphere, while at the same time rescuing the volatile and yet helpless young girl in the Master's power.

The Green Death
The Mysterious Gentlemen from London Set after The Green Death. After following the Doctor back to UNIT HQ from the village of Llanfairfach, the Brigadier's cure for the Doctor's two broken hearts is to apply liberal doses of his grandfather's famous malt whiskey. Though this remedy doesn't quite do the trick, it sets off a chain of events that catapult the Doctor and Brigadier into the scene of a railroad accident investigation, a ruthless robber baron of the Old West, and a mysterious poison for which there is no remedy. The death toll is mounting, the TARDIS is floating unpiloted through time, and it's up to the "two mysterious gentlemen from London" to solve the mystery, find the killer, or face an old fashioned lynch mob!

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