First DOctor Who Story Ever Told;Doctor Who;Jo Grant;Katy Manning;Third Doctor;Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart;Jon Pertwee;Jeri Massi
The First Doctor Who Story Ever Told
Meet the Doctor before he became the Doctor. Specifically bred (in a test tube) and genetically engineered to take his place as a passionless, remote leader of Gallifrey, Disciple 42 shows increasing signs of non-conformity: a mercurial temperment, conviviality, and a love for books. Things go from bad to worse when he actually forges a friendship with Disciple 18, and the two of them secretly read a copy of TREASURE ISLAND. Master K'Anpo is ordered to bring the pupils to their senses by taking them on a trip to Earth for a look at the suffering caused by passions and feelings. But Disciples 18 and 42 quickly lose their teacher and embark on their first adventure. Parodying their own teachers, they call each other "Master" and "Doctor." Of course, nobody has ever explained to them what danger is. Making their own way in war-ravaged London, they quickly get in over their heads, with catastrophic results.

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