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Jeri writes tight, . . . suspenseful plots, strong characters, . . . a really solid Third Doctor. . . . I'm especially fond of "Trumpkin", but really everything Jeri's written is well worth reading. 'Nuff said!
From: Canada

I thought your story [First Doctor Who Story Ever Told] was great and had to read it twice. This is the first material I have ever seen which dealt with young number 42.
From: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I`ve only read 3 Chapters of "Faint glimmerings of light", so far I'm very entertained. . . . I look forward to Saturday and the next installment.
From: Kent (originally Yorkshire)

My husband and I have been collecting who episodes for a while now and are complete junkies. You obviously put a lot of time and effort into the story [The Fighting Dead]. I found it very well written and appreciated it greatly. Thank you for an entertaining evening and write more.
From: Portland, Ore.

Your portrayal of the Doctor (Killer Bees is all I've read so far) has been a great inspiration--to me--Thank you so much. . . . . Keep writing, and may the God of peace bless you.
From: Greenville, SC

I just finished Killer Bees and enjoyed it tremendously. Like you, I often feel that Jon Pertwee was THE one and only Doctor. Carry on!
From: New England

Just finished reading 'Dangers.[ of Exceeding the Blinovitch Limitation Effect} -- formidable stuff!. . . . The Third Doctor has never really been my favourite . . . but your realisation makes a dashed good case for him! . . . . Keep up the good work!
From: London, England

I love your site/stories; can't wait for conclusion of [Book of] Five Rings.
From: manchester england UK

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed UNIT USA. . . . .Good job!
From: West Virginia US

I was looking for well written stories about the 3rd Doctor. . . . After reading just 2 chapters of one of yours, I think I have found what I was looking for. Thanks, and keep up the great work.
From: Somers, NY

Loved every minute of it! . . . . Good luck and keep up the good work! I'll remember you to Gallifrey!
From: Timelady

Thank you for the reading entertainment. I always enjoy and look forward to reading your fanfiction.
From: Pittsburgh, PA

Please keep the stories coming. It's always a treat to find a new one.
From: Illinois by way of C.T., N.Y. and N.J.

I haven't read all of the stories yet but the ones that I have read are wonderful.
From: Baton Rouge, La.

Brilliant fanfic, please please *please* write more! I just love your grasp of the Third Doc/Jo relationship.
From: Derbyshire, England

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