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This is the list of stories presented as they occur in BBC canonical order. Click here for a list of the stories presented in the order in which I wrote them.
Click here for a list of Doctor Who Non-Fiction: Includes reviews from fans, background information, and other essays.

The Short Stories See the cover by Gary Merchant
Click here for Lab Mice. Short Story. Set after The Silurians. Sgt. Benton is in hospital, suffering some terrible after-effect of the Silurian attack. The Doctor and Liz frantically attempt to track down the source of his deadly illness. Four groups of lab mice must be sacrificed to find the knowledge. But other observers are at work as well, carrying out their own investigation, unknown to the UNIT team.Illustrations by Paul Gadzikowski. Illustrated Cover#1 Illustrated Cover #2

Click here for All in the Mind. Two Episodes. A visit to the dentist for Liz Shaw has some serious complications when she discovers that UNIT has changed entirely during her brief absence. The complete conquest of earth seems imminent, so why does Liz keep returning to the dentist's chair? Illustrated Cover

Mistaken Identity Short Story. A board of inquiry has been called into the conduct of UNIT personnel. Who is behind it? the self-important and dreadful Mr. Chin, who was the dupe of the Axons and is now determined to ruin the Brigadier's career. Meanwhile, when Jo turns up missing from a brief jaunt to another planet, the Doctor stumbles onto a bizarre ability of a species to save itself from extinction. His solution to save Jo puts him on a collision course with Mr. Chin and the Board of Enquiry. Set after The Three DoctorsIllustrated Cover

Global Search and Replace Short Story. Set after Claws of Axos. The Doctor has been replaced by somebody more young, more handsome, and more vain. Has our favorite timelord been outgunned by some over reaching graduate student? Dexterity with a mop is all that can save him from a cosmic global search and replace operation that will alter, not only his life, but the lives of his friends at UNIT.Illustrated Cover

Two of a Kind Short Story. Set after Terror of the Autons. After their first adventure together, the Doctor and Jo attend a party, but the Doctor's young assistant realizes that he brought her along only because he did not want to go alone. And then he loses her to a gambler in a poker game! Things go from bad to worse as it becomes apparent that the Doctor cannot beat her card-playing captor alone. Illustrated Cover

Click here for Trumpkin Three episodes. Set after Colony in Space. Restless and bored after their one flight into adventure on another planet, the Doctor is chafing in exile on earth. An unexpected visit from an alien turns the lab at UNIT into chaos, and Jo learns what it is to be a faceless stranger in the universe.

Click here for Christmas After Dark The Christmas 2000 Story. Three episodes. In the last of the scheduled Christmas stories, the Doctor and Jo are sent on an emergency mission to the North Pole. Out on the pack ice of the Arctic terrain, they find evidence of an aged wooden building that enemy agents have blown apart in their paranoid urgency for secrecy. But whoever once inhabited the structure has survived. If there is a Santa Clause, Jo and the Doctor soon discover that it's a bad idea to make him angry.

Click here for A Jynx at Christmas. Two episodes. The 1998 Christmas Story. Set after The Time Warrior. The 1998 Christmas Story finds the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith trapped with a creature known as a "Jynx." Even as the Doctor tries to keep his young human companion safe from this intruder, the intruder shows that it knows some things, even about time lords, that the Doctor has not guessed.

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Night Terrors
Set after Spearhead From Space. The Doctor and Liz set out alone together to explore multiple suicides and catastrophes at a distant, isolated village. But horrifying events point to the return of a creature called Gall Farraneagh. According to local legend, he can be appeased only by human blood, and only that torn from women and girls. When the village's long-time protector takes strong measures to rescue and educate Liz, the Doctor finds himself the odd man out, and both of UNIT's scientific advisors must decide if they are dealing with an underworld creature, or with technology run amok. Ten Episodes.

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Shadow of the Daleks
Written in April 2003, this continuity-based story relies upon Remembrance of the Daleks as background information. Liz and the Doctor wrestle with a strange new technology that carries reminders of the Doctor's oldest enemies, the Daleks. And meanwhile, UNIT is being charged with supporting fascism. Teetering between protestors and vigilantes on one side and the duplicity of a power-mad scientist from NATO on the other, the Doctor, Liz, and the Brigadier had better solve this one before a lynch mob forms. Nine Episodes.

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Christmas With Friends
The 1999 Christmas Story. Three episodes. When the Brigadier orders Liz to run a testing sequence on the Pleaides satellite system on Christmas day, and the Doctor disappears for the holidays, Liz Shaw is set for a bleak and unhappy Christmas. She may be right, but it certainly will not be boring. Enemy agents, a mysterious dark figure wandering the lonely hillside, and a few grains of potassium make for one explosive Christmas. Three Episodes.

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The First Doctor Who Story Ever Told
Meet the Doctor before he became the Doctor. Specifically bred (in a test tube) and genetically engineered to take his place as a passionless, remote leader of Gallifrey, Disciple 42 shows increasing signs of non-conformity: a mercurial temperment, conviviality, and a love for books. Things go from bad to worse when he actually forges a friendship with Disciple 18, and the two of them secretly read a copy of TREASURE ISLAND. Master K'Anpo is ordered to bring the pupils to their senses by taking them on a trip to Earth for a look at the suffering caused by passions and feelings. But Disciples 18 and 42 quickly lose their teacher and embark on their first adventure. Parodying their own teachers, they call each other "Master" and "Doctor." Of course, nobody has ever explained to them what danger is. Making their own way in war-ravaged London, they quickly get in over their heads, with catastrophic results. Four Episodes.

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Strange Darkness
A series of seemingly unrelated murders in London all have one striking similarity: Devoted husbands and lovers are killing the women that they cherish. Puzzled by the temporary change of law abiding citizens into ruthless killers who destroy what they value most, Scotland Yard calls UNIT to investigate. The Doctor and Brigadier form an uneasy alliance with the police. Lulled by the assumption that only human males could be affected by whatever is going on, the Doctor ventures recklessly into the source of the mania, only to find that timelords are not immune to this strange darkness of heart and mind. Set after Day of the Daleks. Five Episodes.

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The Second Doctor Who Christmas Story
The Doctor and Jo have narrowly escaped catastrophe after the Doctor's disastrous attempt to seize control of the TARDIS from the High Council of the Time Lords. Having fallen into the custody of non-material beings who inadvertently damage Jo's ability to control her own fears, the two travelers have managed to return to UNIT. But Jo's life and sanity are in danger from the creations of her own mind, and the Doctor himself does not know how to save her. They seek refuge with her uncle over Christmas and meet a strange visitor at the family ancestral home. Meanwhile, the theft of a design for a government security system involves the Doctor in some counter-espionage. Christmas, danger, and mystery! Set after Curse of Peladon. Four Episodes

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Blood-Dimmed Tide
Set after The Daemons. Chapter one written with Rebecca Anderson. The nation is terrorized by unearthly storms and natural catastrophes. The Doctor himself goes mad and has to be restrained. And out in the desert in Jordan, a living Sphinx rises from the sands. Everything points ot the fulfillment of William Butler Yeats' prophecy of a terrifying new era of bloodshed. Is the world on the edge of apocalypse? Twenty-One Episodes.

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The Revengers
Set after The Sea Devils. Called in by a Scotland Yard pathologist to diagnose a deteriorating brain, the Doctor realizes that a new illness has been introduced into the population. But what are its causes? When three men in different parts of London fall into irreversible dementia and then die, he must find the link between them. He and Jo enter the seamy, dark side of sports competition when they investigate a possible link of the illness to experimental anabolic steroids. Eight Episodes.

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Set after The Mutants. Beleaguered by radiation phenomena and an unexplained death in the swamps of the nuclear Savannah River Plant, UNIT U.S.A.'s tiny force of men calls for help from London. In no time, the Doctor, Jo, and the other members of the team are on their way to South Carolina to lead an investigation. But conspiracy, personal ambition, and a dangerous extra-terrestrial creature and its keepers await them. Four Episodes

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The Dangers of Exceeding the Blinovitch Limitation Effect
Made restless by his long exile on earth and frustrated by his failure years before against the megalomaniac Professor Stahlman, the Doctor determines to change the history of a parallel earth. Not realizing that his first journey into that reality did not provide him with enough information, the Doctor has many tragic surprises awaiting him. His reckless venture endangers not only himself and Jo, but also the desperate citizens of this alternative earth. Set after The Time Monster. Nine Episodes

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The Book of Five Rings
Feature Length Story. As the Doctor prepares the TARDIS for his first trip after his enforced exile, Jo is snatched away into time and space. Meanwhile, on a distant planet, a young detective witnesses the ruthless kidnapping of the Master. The Doctor is being goaded into a meeting with a new enemy---or is it an old enemy? He and his old adversary, the Master, must team up to defeat a common foe.
Set after The Three Doctors.This story features Mags Hardbottle, Detective to the Stars! Fifteen Episodes

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Influx of the Array
Feature Length Story. The Doctor and Jo become suspicious when electronic equipment fails from brief, powerful, and mysterious magnetic pulses. The mystery leads them to the Master, who has taken the young and brilliant Diana Wilmer under his wing. Confined to a wheelchair, Diana has secrets of her own---including an intellect that can comprehend time travel. An unearthly alien is sucked into the Master's plan, as well as the latest technology from the Strategic Defense Initiative of the US military. The Doctor must save the earth from being engulfed by a deadly, non-sentient alien who can destroy the atmosphere, while at the same time rescuing the volatile and yet helpless young girl in the Master's power. Eight Episodes

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The Mysterious Gentlemen from London
Feature Length Story. Set after The Green Death. After following the Doctor back to UNIT HQ from the village of Llanfairfach, the Brigadier's cure for the Doctor's two broken hearts is to apply liberal doses of his grandfather's famous malt whiskey. This remedy sets off a chain of events that catapults the Doctor and Brigadier into the scene of a railroad accident investigation, a ruthless robber baron of the Old West, and a mysterious poison for which there is no remedy. The death toll is mounting, the TARDIS is floating unpiloted through time, and it's up to the "two mysterious gentlemen from London" to solve the mystery, find the killer, or face an old fashioned lynch mob! Five Episodes

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Feature Length Story. Sarah Jane heedlessly bumbles into danger, inadvertently getting between the Doctor and an enemy that the time lord has thwarted. Her rash actions set off a chain reaction that leads her to a remote corner of the galaxy where she is hunted as food on a desperate trek to survive. And the Doctor finds himself teaming up with the galaxy's premier detective, Mags Hardbottle, to locate Sarah Jane in time.
Set after Invasion of the Dinosaurs.Liz Shaw appears in a cameo, and this story features Mags Hardbottle, Detective to the Stars! Twelve Episodes

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Hounds and Hares
The Doctor and Sarah Jane are hurled to Earth, at the mercy of the warlike and highly competitive Arctureans, who have tracked their exploits and determined that the time lord and his companion are worthy to be hunted as trophies. When the Doctor and Sarah are discovered by a trio made up of two thirteen year-olds and their nine year old protege, they find the unexpected help that could save them. Yet, they realize that by their very presence they are a deadly threat to their new friends. Ten Episodes

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Death and Toliman
Death and Toliman. Set after Monster of Peladon. A house of death, two mysterious trackers who follow their prey by scent through crowded London, and a trumped up murder charge against Sarah Jane Smith entangle the Doctor in a complex mystery as he tries to untangle the clues. And Sarah Jane herself finds a bridge into the heavens that leads her to an ancient, savage, and wise person who desperately needs her life so that his world can live. Her quest into the heavens is not over, as she discovers that truly the secret to life is death, and she has been chosen as its messenger. This story closes my Third Doctor canon, July 2001. Thirteen Episodes

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Death and Chocolate
Death and Chocolate. Set after Monster of Peladon. On a lark to the Royalty House Chocolates Headquarters, the Doctor and Sarah Jane stumble across dark secrets and the death of several children. Perplexed by the suicides of two financiers who were devoted chocolate fanciers, the Brigadier opens an investigation against enormous pressure and resistance. And Sarah Jane discovers, in the worst possible way, the secret and total power that Royalty House Chocolates has over those who eat their sweet and deadly offerings.This story was written in 2003 Ten Episodes

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Killer Bees
Killer Bees takes place long after Green Death and Planet of the Spiders. Not knowing that the Doctor hasbeen killed and regenerated, Jo Grant returns from the Amazon and her failed marriage. Grieved and estranged from everyone she has ever cared about, she finds herself alone, plagued by inexplicable gaps in her memory, and haunted by strangers who seem to dog her footsteps. She bumps into Mike Yates, and the belated romance between them nearly blooms, but is he truly the sane and stable Mike Yates she remembers from the past? He presents himself as a dedicated agent of the Crown,but the Brigadier and Sgt. Benton warn her of a darker side. When Jo is caught up in the Master's web, she learns what it means to have transgressed into the realms of the Timelords,and now the Doctor cannot protect her. Or can he? Eleven Episodes

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