Links to Other Fiction and Sites of Interest

Mystic Wild Parabola PageSpecial favorites on this page by Rebecca Anderson include "Scent of Yesterday" and Sacrifice, (My all-time favoritefan-fiction story).
Pertwee's Progress The last Dr Who-related interview given by the late Jon Pertwee. NOTE: If you follow this link, you may lose the link back to this page. Bookmark this page before you leave!
The Jo Grant web page, for those of us convinced that--in spite of some remarkably bad scripts that depicted Jo as a sort of teeny-bopper--her character also achieved some great moments of self-sacrifice, devotion to duty, and enlightenment.
Paul Gadzikowski's Doctor Who and Star Trek Fiction Page Paul's unadorned pages are easy to download (no graphics!). He's written some third Doctor fiction but his fiction includes other Doctors as well and also crosses over into Star Trek fiction.
Clive May's fictionVery highly recommended. Clive's ability to put an unusual spin on things makes his fiction very much worth reading. Don't miss his "short short," Love of a Dalek. It uses the fourth Doctor instead of the Third, but it is so well done that I will forgive him for that.

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