To the left you see my blog and podcasts, and further down, my mini-sites for martial arts, Doctor Who, books, etc. Up above, in the tabs, you see the same thing, just laid out in horizontal tabs. And that's all you need to know to start browsing!

What! You're still reading this? OK, I started my first website in about 1995. Originally a simple Doctor Who Fiction site, it soon grew into my journal of progress in the martial arts as I prepared for my Third and later Fourth degree black belt testing. Since 2001, I devote most of my free time to documenting church abuse in Christian Fundamentalism. But I never throw anything away! So if you came here looking for some of my older material, you should find it.

About the Author

This site is a sprawling site, with lots of different subject matter. I originally laid out my first website and the design templates back in 1995. Fifteen years later, I decided I should start updating. This is why, if you click some of the links, you will come upon some very old web pages. Nevertheless, they still work just fine.

You'll also see, as you tool around the site, that I work with audio a lot. I produce two podcasts, have produced audio documentaries on church abuse, and am the producer for an audio Gospels project. Life is better with an MP3 player, in my opinion. My audio materials can be downloaded, and many are available on Itunes.

If you're a young person who has read any of my books for kids, you may have found your way here because you have to do a report on a Christian writer. If so, please check the Faq. That should supply you with the information that you need.

Stay in Touch

I maintain a presence on Facebook and Twitter and post occasional videos on my own Youtube site. I welcome you to make contact. I have a wide variety of online friends, including Christians, Buddhists, atheists, etc., but I am protective of my contacts with victims of clergy abuse. So I do screen my Facebook friends with care.


If you are following church abuse cases in Fundamentalism, the real-time point of contact with me (or as close to real time as I can be) is via Blog on the Way. I try to post something daily on that blog, and that is the blog I first update when I learn of a new church abuse case in Fundamentalism. So if you are looking at my web site for the purpose of tracking church abuse, the first page to check is the Blog on the Way site.

The Gospel project also has a presence on Facebook. You don't have to be a Facebook friend of mine to be able to visit the Gospel of Mark on Facebook, and from there you can download the mP3s of all 16 chapters of Mark, read by Caroline John

The Gospel of Mark (Audio) Read by Caroline John

Current Books

I realize that some readers may come here searching for me as the writer of their 5th or 6th (or 7th or 8th) grader's novel from school. But you should realize that I no longer write juvenile fiction. You're welcome to visit the Book page, and I do have a novel there, but it's definitely not for children.

Dr Who

Some of my Doctor Who readers are amazed that I am so deeply involved in documenting church abuse. On the flip side, my religious readers are stunned to find out that I am a hardcore Doctor Who fan all the way from the 70's, and that for a few years my Doctor Who fiction page had more hits than any other DW fiction site on the web. Don't dismiss the Doctor if you think you're not into science fiction. My favorite review came from a young agnostic man who wrote that he didn't beleive in God, but when he read my Doctor Who fiction, he wished that he did. Nothing in the stories is preachy or even overtly religious, but you may be surprised at the depth of Christian meaning you can embed into a story without giving an invitation, or, for that matter, even displaying a Bible verse. Survivors of abusive churches in Fundamentalism particularly like Death and Chocolate. So if you have an open mind, please give it a try.

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Yes, I still keep an archaic Guest Book for visitors to sign. It also harks back all the way to the mid-1990's, so as long as it is still clinging to life, I will keep it.

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