Recovering from Fundamentalism - Non-Fiction

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These books are written specifically to Christians recovering from the abuses and distortions of Christian Fundamentalism. Aimed at believers who want to persevere in the faith or have hard questions answered, each book tackles topics that Fundamentalism has used to mislead believers and keep them controlled and subject to the rules of men.

  • Schizophrenic Christianity (2014)

    "The book tells the real deal on "big bad Baptist
    business as usual," and Jeri tells it out of love for
    her faith. She shows how, in this "business," the
    value of human life is traded off for the power
    and image of the religious leaders. Using case
    studies of Independent Fundamental Baptist
    pastors accused or convicted of child
    molestation, the book reveals how pastors'
    young victims become nothing more than a
    cost of doing business for a religion gone
    horribly wrong."
    . -- Christa Brown, Step Baptist Predators

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  • Losing Jesus

    LOSING JESUS warns the reader about the
    current problems of modern patriarchy, but it
    resists the temptation to do away with patriarchy
    altogether. Instead, the author shows the reader
    the many different sides of the question of
    ordaining women elders, without making up the
    readers' minds for them. The book is illuminating
    and sometimes surprising, but it makes room
    for the reader's own conscience and allows
    readers to draw their own conclusions in this often
    heated controversy.
    -- Kindle Review

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  • Bitter Root

    "I wish I had been exposed to this information  
    30 years ago...Jeri has done a masterful job
    of presenting information and exhorting one
    to "think" in this book. She makes the case
    against the materialistic pragmatism that is
    found in the fundamental movement...Who
    can say? I highly recommend "Bitter Root"
    to any and all who are still in the
    Fundamental movement (especially the
    Independent Fundamental Baptist camp
    of the fundamentalist movement) and to
    those who have escaped it's clutches."
    - Don Gambill

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  • God Makes Sinners Holy

     "In this book, Jeri Massi carefully presents passage
    after passage of Scripture, showing the futility of
    our trying to attain righteousness by following
    man-made rules and instead showing that God has
    provided for our holiness through Christ." - Elizabeth Perry

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Christian Fiction

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Written with joy and inspiration and a total disregard for the methods of corporate Christian publishers, these novels include humor, a little subversion, and are guaranteed to not have the plan of salvation any where within their covers. These books are written for the Christian mindset, not to convert people to the Christian faith. Every book I write passes both the Bechtel test and the Mako Mori test.

And what is the Bechdel Test? In a work of fiction, two featured, named women characters must talk to each other about something other than a man.

You can raise the Bechdel test to the next exponential degree by turning it into the Mako Mori Test: In a work of fiction, at least one female character has her own storyline within the plot, and her storyline cannot be about supporting a manís story. In other words, she doesnít have to rule the entire book/movie/play/comic book, but she cannot exist as a character merely to directly support a male character.

  • Hall of Heroes

    Fans of the Peabody series (Derwood, Inc) will
    recognize the characters and settings of this
    comedy-adventure designed for middle
    school and junior high aged readers
    Jean gets sucked into the war between
    her friends and a gang of bullies. A war
    that her friends are losing. But then Jean
    enters the home of Martha Jenkins, and
    she discovers another, far more
    real and present war that requires her
    strength and courage.

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  • Insiders

    Like most of the people of her generation,
    young graduate student Sandra Lynn believes
    that there is no life beyond earth, not any more.
    Interplanetary plagues have destroyed all life
    beyond earth. Now, only a few select people
    travel space - celebrated pilots who run
    automated mining operations among the ruins.
    The sudden intrusion into her life by one of these
    celebrity pilots upends her quiet life. Sir George
    Stewart wants to know if there is such a thing as
    ghosts. An invitation to his remote winter estate
    opens the door to an unexpectedly living and
    dangerous universe that seizes Sandra Lynn
    as its captive..

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  • Secret Radio

    Secret Radio chronicles the lives of Grace
    and her five roommates during her senior
    year at a Fundamental Baptist college. From the
    dreamy Lilly who draws action and adventure
    comics to the brilliant, poker-faced Cinn, the godly
    Amy Carmichael and tragic Mary, this is a comedy
    about the tragedy of abuse of authority. Grace ably
    counter-attacks against the corrupt system,
    sometimes wise cracking and sometimes in tears.
    She fills her adventures with vivid, real faces of a
    living and breathing humanity too often discounted by
    the men dedicated to building big churches.

    The book introduces many characters: some of them
    villains, some of them saints, and most of them somewhere
    in between, but all needing the grace and mercy of

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  • Valkyries

    Thirteen year old Traey Jacamuzzi wanders into a
    Baptist tent meeting on a summer day in 1973. In
    short order she makes a profession of faith. But her
    two-fisted, hard drinking father, first beats her, and
    then exiles her to the prison of the Villa of Mary and
    Joseph. Her indifferent mother offers no support, and
    Tracey finds herself alone in a hostile world that she
    doesn't understand.

    Facing isolation and hazing, Tracey is unexpectedly
    saved when the school's star basketball player takes
    her under her wing, and a volunteer assistant at the
    school begins to teach her about the presence of Christ
    with her.

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