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Shadow of the Daleks Episode 3a
Shadow of the Daleks Episode 3b Streaming audio (IE browsers only)
Shadow of the Daleks Episode 2
Shadow of the Daleks Episode 1
Liz and the Doctor wrestle with a strange new technology that carries terrifying reminders of the Doctor's oldest enemies, the Daleks. As dead bodies of innocent English citizenry pile up, UNIT is charged with supporting fascism. Teetering between vengeful protestors and murderous vigilantes on one side and the duplicity of a power-mad scientist from NATO on the other, the Doctor, Liz, and the Brigadier race the clock to locate a missing researcher and a secret weapon that has disappeared.

Interview with Paula Hyles Polonco

The first wife of Dave Hyles gives her candid assessment of her history with the Hyles family, her years at Hyles-Anderson College and First Baptist of Hammond, and her tragic, turbulent marriage to Dave Hyles. Each file is just a few minutes long, and the sound quality is second quality, as it is a telephone interview. But people who have demanded an eye witness account of the abuses and deceptions at FBCH/HAC will find one here. Without bitterness and with calm candor, the speaker describes the roller coaster experience of life in the Hyles dynasty.
Interview/PPH - Part One
Interview/PPH - Part Two
Interview/PPH - Part Three
Interview/PPH - Part Four

Preying from the Pulpit

The audio transcript of a documentary by a Michigan news station. This documentary shows the incidence of child abuse, molestation, and sodomy of graduates from Hyles-Anderson College, who also attended First Baptist Church of Hammond Indiana. Made in the early 1990's this documentary observed a pattern of behavior that has since been repeated by graduates of this Independent Baptist, KJV-only school. These horrible behaviors, as the documentary points out, have not been repudiated from the pulpit of FBC. Indeed, AV Ballenger, convicted of molesting a seven year old girl, was welcomed back to the congregation with a standing ovation. Each MP3 file is 5 - 7 minutes long.

Part One(6-7 min.)
Part Two(6-7 min.)
Part Three(6-7 min.)
Part Four(13-14 min.)
Part Five(6-7 min.)

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