Earth Dreams

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Earthdreams front cover onlyA subject of a secret experiment, 12-year old Bruce Farris has to tackle the dangers in the world before the Flood and try to win through to his own time and place. Dangerous enemies and powerful friends in unlikely places meet him along the way.


The high school kids want to beat up 12 year old Bruce Farris for winning a school contest. As he’s running away from the Varsity basketball team, Bruce is hit by a car, and the story breaks into two plot lines. Bruce wakes up in a beautiful and terrifying world. And yet, in the present, Bruce’s mother, is waiting at his hospital bedside with growing fears about the unusual medical treatment he is receiving. Can somebody be in two places at once? Bruce gradually realizes that he is the subject of a dangerous experiment, and he also discovers that he is visiting the Earth before the Flood. He has to tackle the dangers in one world and try to win through to his own time and place. Dangerous enemies and friends in unlikely places meet him along the way.

From Cheryl Blessing, Christian school teacher: Earth Dreams grabbed me from the start and carried me away on an intriguing adventure. I already have in mind five or six middle school readers to lend my copy to as soon as possible, for there is plenty of action along with a sprinkle of Massi intrigue.

From Tim Olinda, Christian school teacher: I have dreamed of other places, but this book transported me to the world before the Flood. The idea of time travel has always fascinated me, but is this reality for Bruce, or is it an avatar dream? Will he live to find his own time and place again? This story, with twists and turns, will carry you there as well.

From K Bagwell, Home Schooling mother: Earth Dreams is a great time-traveling tale, perfect for anyone in upper elementary on up. The premise is very unique with a serious injury here in our time sending a boy back to the past soon after Creation. Written from a Christian point-of-view, it brings up some very interesting questions about how much civilization has changed through the ages.

From Pam Kaye, SF addict: Just as it’s possible to love Dr Who and be a Christian, it’s possible to live in the present while journeying to the past. The mystery of what’s happening to Bruce keeps you guessing, but the beauty and danger of the world before the Flood grabs you. Plenty of adventure, a Christian tone, and a science mystery.

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