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Shadow of the DaleksWhat, exactly, makes a Dalek a Dalek? And when does life begin for a Dalek? A riot at the gates of UNIT, a conspiracy theory run amok, and two petty and ambitious scientists determined to make a name for themselves could cause a major interrupt in the terrestrial balance of power and create a weapon that will eventually wipe out the human race. The Doctor and Liz must set things right and trace the origin of a dangerous secret hidden at a NATO research site. But one of the scientists nurses a secret grudge against Liz Shaw and has laid some secret plans for her. Can Liz save herself while figuring out how to help the Doctor save the world?Click here for the text version of the story


Two of a KindSet after Terror of the Autons. After their first adventure together, the Doctor and Jo attend a party, but the Doctor's young assistant realizes that he brought her along only because he did not want to go alone. And then he loses her to a gambler in a poker game! Things go from bad to worse as it becomes apparent that the Doctor cannot beat her card-playing captor alone.Click here for the text version of the story


Strange DarknessA series of seemingly unrelated murders in London all have one striking similarity: Devoted husbands and lovers are killing the women that they cherish. Puzzled by the temporary change of law abiding citizens into ruthless killers who destroy what they value most, Scotland Yard calls UNIT to investigate. The Doctor and Brigadier form an uneasy alliance with the police. Lulled by the assumption that only human males could be affected by whatever is going on, the Doctor ventures recklessly into the source of the mania, only to find that timelords are not immune to this strange darkness of heart and mind. Set after The Daemons. Five Episodes.Click here for the text version of the story


Death and ChocolateThe Doctor takes Sarah along to wrap up an investigation at Royalty House Chocolates after the deaths of several financiers in London. The chocolates, everybody decides, had nothing to do with the deaths, even though a box of Royalty House Chocolates was left behind in each case. But Dave Highlers, the sadistic son of rags-to-riches chocolatier Jack Highlers, has his eye on Sarah Jane. And before UNIT has left the area, evidence of the gross abuse of children begins to surface. Bodies are appearing by the dozens, and Sarah Jane is not herself. Yet the chocolates are simply chocolate. So what's going on at "the greatest chocolate manufacturing plant since Quetzalcoatl"? Originally ten episodes, cut down to six for audio Click here for the text version of the story


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