From "Hazmat:" a Review of some writers and some comments on the Master

One thing that I've discovered is that there's a heck of a lot of fan fiction out there to be found on the net. A lot of it is awful, but some of it is quite good. Eventually, I'll have a nice long list of links to author's pages, but right now I'll just mention Jeri Massi. Lovely person, and writes a good yarn. Her stories are centered around the Pertwee era.

Kate Orman is also a highly laudable author. Or at least one that I admire muchly. She's written several New Adventures, including Sleepy, and also has some works published on the WWW. These are well worth checking out.

I might add that one thing that both these women have in common is the fact that they are among the few who do the Master justice. Sooner or later, I'll have some of my own fan fiction up here, and you can judge for yourself whether I can do the same.

One cannot talk about good women writers, though, without mentioning Rebecca Anderson. Not only is she the author of the utterly wonderful Synaesthesia Trilogy, but her home page is lovely to see in its own right.

From Jeri: I deeply appreciate this tribute to my stories, and I treasure it, as it is probably the only time I will ever see my stuff mentioned in the same lines with Kate Orman's or Rebecca Anderson's.

Regarding the Master, I think that people went wrong with Ainley's Master not because of Ainley but because of the writers/directors. The Master somehow became this convenient maleveolent genius that could be pulled out of a hat when the gimmick of the evil (like body snatching) was more important than the character himself. He is a character in his own right, and to be believable, he must be treated as a character in his own right.

Please write and tell me what you think.

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