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The young Princess Rosalynn, the Wise Woman, and a courageous young knight combine their courage and skill to save their kingdom from invaders.



The Bridge by Jeri Massi. 2nd Edition. In this medieval fantasy for readers age 9 and older, a tiny kingdom is attacked by its larger, warlike neighbor. Princess Rosalynn at first doesn’t understand the hardships and suffering that her father’s knights undergo in order to save her life. Bravely, they fight to save the doomed castle of the royal family. As her kingdom teeters on the verge of collapse, she must make her way through the dense forest to find her father, the King. Enemy soldiers are chasing her, but the brave and quick-witted Herron buys her a few precious moments to escape. Determined to survive, the young princess learns to be brave and to use her intelligence. She receives unexpected help from the mysterious Wise Woman. With the help of a wounded knight, they launch a daring plan to stop the enemy army from conquering her people. The first book in the Bracken Trilogy.

From Jennifer: I was absolutely enchanted with The Bridge, and the rest in the series, and still am today.

From an Amazon Customer: My school library contained every single Jeri Massi book in print, and I read almost every one. The best however were the Wise Woman series, of which The Bridge is the first. I was entranced from the beginning.

From an Amazon Customer (2): This was such a good book. I have read it millions of times. I practically have it memorized. It interested me at an early age and continues to.

From Timothy: This little series is incredibly well crafted. The story in and of itself is a simple one. However, it is laced with adventure and endearing characters and the truths expressed are timeless. ol

From Homeschool Mom who Survived: Boys will like the courage and danger. Although this is a “princess” story, two noble knights save it from prissiness. Plenty of action. Girls will like the quest of the young princess to find her way and will find the Wise Woman intriguing and engaging.

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