Morning Star of the Reformation

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Historical fiction about the life of John Wycliffe

A deadly epidemic that destroys half the people it encounters, a war between a town and its university that kills several scholars, and a Church that is victimizing its own believers. And one man who knew that the Bible given in the common language would bring peace, education, and true religious devotion to England. Historical fiction about the life of John Wycliffe.



Wycliffe front cover onlyMorning Star of the Reformation by Andy Thomson. 2nd Edition. Young John Wycliffe battled one danger after another when he enrolled in Oxford University in the late 1300’s. After the Black Death claimed the lives of many of his friends, the St Scholastica Day riot claimed more lives. Wycliffe survived the calamities of his day and came to realize that much of the suffering around him was caused by the corrupt religion entrenched in England. He tackled the Roman Catholic practices of his day, demanding more freedom of conscience and the right of every person to hear the Bible read in his or her own language. Wycliffe faced the threats of prison and torture for his views, but he gave his country the first English translation of the Bible. This novel is historical fiction about Wycliffe and his amazing and perilous times.

From TFLEU725: Great story of Wycliffe – you will not find a dull moment. From the black death to riots this book is full of suspense and excitement. Great for kids and adults alike.

From The Coasties: This is one of the best pieces of historical fiction – ever. The author vividly brings us into the world of John Wycliffe – captivating story, characters are believable, excellent history as well as church history.

From Mike Sauder: I read this book with my 9 and 7 year old children as part of our history. Not only does the book give a feel for the climate and culture of England at that time, it tells the story of John Wycliff who lived a sacrificial life fighting for the common people to have access to the Bible.

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