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Cover Contest and Interior Art Contest for CROWN AND JEWEL

Rosewyn watching the children play. Rendered ink sketch from the photograph “Beyond the Doorway” by atistatplay at Deviant Art

I’m being helped by some of the young adults who enjoyed the Bracken trilogy when they were children. We’re putting together an art contest for the cover of CROWN AND JEWEL and for the interior art. The deadline will probably be either July 1 or August 1.

Contest not withstanding, I plan to release a published version of CROWN AND JEWEL within a few weeks. I’ll use public domain art and Creative Commons free license art for this interim publication.

One reason for this is to make a copy of the book available for any aspiring artists.  My plan is to replace the public domain art with the prospective winning cover and the winning interior black and white art and release a final edition.

I still need to write up a release form for the contest and hammer out the final specs and deadline. But please, if you’re an artist, sharpen up your pencils and take stock of your paint. I never liked the drab covers of these books, and I’m hoping that some enthusiastic artists can provide some terrific art for the cover and interior.

For the Contest announcement and updates, please join the group on Facebook titled, THE BRIDGE and BRACKEN TRILOGY Fan Art Page. Incidentally, if you have fan art that you want to post, or photos of costumes or models that you built as part of reading any book of the Bracken Trilogy, you can post them on that page without needing to enter the contest.

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