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CROWN AND JEWEL is now released.

Crown and Jewel Front Cover Only-small iconThe second book of The Bracken Trilogy is now released. You can buy it for $8.00 plus shipping at my own store, here, or purchase it from Amazon.

The young princess Rosawyn stumbles into a secret plot against her father’s crown. With help from her beautiful, powerful grandmother, she escapes from the castle and begins her adventures in exile. A new threat from assassins forces the princess to flee again and endangers the brave men who protect her. Can Rosawyn and her allies save the kingdom?

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Announcing the Fan Art group for THE BRIDGE and the Bracken Trilogy




ANNOUNCING: The Bridge and Bracken Trilogy Fan Art Group. So many people here have talked about artwork, songs, audio recordings, costumes, that they made about Bracken, that I’ve opened a group for fan art of all descriptions. If your project has gone the way of all flesh, post any old photos you have.

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THE BRIDGE by Jeri Massi is back in production

Bridge Front Cover Only

The rights to The Bridge have finally reverted to me. I wasn’t given the artwork, however. So this is the new cover, which is more exciting than the original, though a lot simpler. A friend on Facebook is helping me organize a contest for artists to submit covers for the next two books in the trilogy. I plan to write a one-page spec sheet on what I’m looking for. I was supposed to get it done today, but building the web site hindered me.

The Bridge is not yet up for sale. It’s in the final stages of production. You can go through to the Shop page and order it, but I can’t ship it to you for another day or two.