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ANNOUNCING: The Crown and Jewel Cover Art Contest

This post will probably be updated over the next few days:
There are actually TWO contests: one for the cover art and one for the interior art. Today’s post is about the Crown and Jewel Cover Art Contest:

Crown and Jewel Contest Cover Only-small iconThe Crown and Jewel Cover Art Contest

Contest 1: Produce a 4-color cover for the novel Crown and Jewel by Jeri Massi

  • All submissions must be reproducible on a 6 x 9 inch cover at a resolution of 300 DPI or greater.
  • Submissions that are the artwork only (with no title lettering and no design) are permitted,
  • Submissions that include the full cover design are also welcome, including submissions that use public domain art. The public domain art must include a documented statement of the history of the public domain art that certifies that it’s in the public domain  with no further costs applied to the Contest Owner.
  • Submissions that include the full cover design are also welcome, including submissions that use original artwork or artwork designated for the cover of Crown and Jewel  with no further costs applied to the Contest Owner.
  • Submissions that include artistic deviations created from models and/or staged photographs must include documentation evidence that all rights to use the models/staged photographs have been granted to the artist for submission to this contest with no further costs applied to the Contest Owner.
  • To be considered, submissions must reflect the storyline and ethos of Crown and Jewel. It is recommended that contestants read the story before submitting entries. A reduced-price version of the book is available at this URL:
    It is also available on, which may offer free shipping to some customers:

Each entry can be submitted by only one person. If elements of your submissions have been produced by others, you must also submit documentation evidence that others have granted you the rights to submit their work as part of your entry submission.
To submit an entry, please do the following:

1. Print and fill out the entry form. Scan it and email it to It must be titled in this format: the first five letters of the Artist’s last name, underscore, first two letters of the Artist’s first name, underscore, followed by the word ENTRY, then .pdf/.jpg/doc/.docx (in whatever format it’s saved.) So the entry form from Brad Johnson would look like JOHNS_BR_ENTRY.pdf. Enter the file title in the Subject line of the email.

Download the Entry Form: Crown and Jewel Entry Form

2. Send in the entry form first as described in Step 1. A dropbox link invitation will be returned to you. Upload final entries and any associated documentation to this Dropbox link:

3. Art is to be uploaded in .PNG format, at 300 DPI or greater.

4. Each illustration file is to be named in the following format: First five letters of the Artist’s last name, underscore, first two letters of the Artist’s first name, followed by .png. For example, Brad Johnson’s submission would be titled JOHNS_BR.png. If a person submits a second entry, the next two spaces would provide the numbering: JOHNS_BR01.png and JOHNS_BR02.png

5. Associated documentation of any rights documentation is to be submitted in Word, using the same naming rules. JOHNS_BR.doc or JOHNS_BR.docx. All rights documentation should be submitted together in the same Word document, per entry.

Entries that fail to comply with the entry rules may simply be rejected without notice sent because nobody will see them. To assure safe delivery of materials, send any questions or follow-up emails to with the words ART CONTEST in the title of the email.

Contest ends at midnight on October 1.

Judging and Prizes

The winner of the contest will receive $100 and 10 free copies of Crown and Jewel with the winning entry as cover and agrees to grant all rights of the winning cover to the Contest Owner for unlimited use of the winning cover as both cover and advertisement art for a single run of the cover, without interruption. If a new cover is introduced, rights to the winning cover revert to the artist/illustrator.

Should copies of Crown and Jewel with the winning cover exceed sales of 1,000 copies total or 500 copies within a single year, the Contest Owner will contract to supply the Contest Winner with a 15% royalty on profits from all future sales of the book with the winning cover, paid annually.

Should the publication entity of Crown and Jewel be sold to another rights owner, the Contest Owner will not include the cover in the transaction and will provide information to both parties (Contest Winner and Purchaser of Rights), as asked, in order to reasonably facilitate the sale of the winning cover, if possible.

No Winner Clause – The goal of the contest is to select an entry that will be the next cover for Crown and Jewel. If no entry meets the publishing specifications, the Contest owner reserves the right to declare no winner.


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BG Thomas reviews EARTH DREAMS: “Fun, Engaging Speculative Fiction”

Earthdreams front cover only-sm iconTaking a normal, unremarkable child or two and sending them off to worlds unknown has been a staple of children’s and young adult fiction for a good many years, but Massi takes that idea and tweaks and rearranges it enough to make it fresh while still seeming familiar. The land to which Bruce is transported is believable both as a strange, new world when first encountered and as a younger Earth once Bruce puts the pieces together. And Massi maintains the tension of keeping it both like and unlike ours as the story progresses and Bruce becomes more and more at home within it. The reader learns enough to picture it, but not so much that it ceases being somewhat strange and wonderful.

My only complaint, as it were, with the book, is that its just the one book. The story was well-contained in the single volume, but Massi could have easily, if she liked, have stretched out the tension to create either a longer, fuller book or a multi-volume story. Her writing is accessible and engaging enough that, added together with the story’s intricacies and the excellent characters, it could have kept even my middle-school-aged attention for another hundred pages or so. But ultimately, she left me wishing I could spend more time in the world and with the characters and that’s how you ought to feel when you finish the last page.

Come on Brian, nobody said that there won’t be more….
Earth Dreams on sale for $8.99. Get free shipping on orders of $24.00 or more.

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CROWN AND JEWEL is now released.

Crown and Jewel Front Cover Only-small iconThe second book of The Bracken Trilogy is now released. You can buy it for $8.00 plus shipping at my own store, here, or purchase it from Amazon.

The young princess Rosawyn stumbles into a secret plot against her father’s crown. With help from her beautiful, powerful grandmother, she escapes from the castle and begins her adventures in exile. A new threat from assassins forces the princess to flee again and endangers the brave men who protect her. Can Rosawyn and her allies save the kingdom?

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Cover Contest and Interior Art Contest for CROWN AND JEWEL

Rosewyn watching the children play. Rendered ink sketch from the photograph “Beyond the Doorway” by atistatplay at Deviant Art

I’m being helped by some of the young adults who enjoyed the Bracken trilogy when they were children. We’re putting together an art contest for the cover of CROWN AND JEWEL and for the interior art. The deadline will probably be either July 1 or August 1.

Contest not withstanding, I plan to release a published version of CROWN AND JEWEL within a few weeks. I’ll use public domain art and Creative Commons free license art for this interim publication.

One reason for this is to make a copy of the book available for any aspiring artists.  My plan is to replace the public domain art with the prospective winning cover and the winning interior black and white art and release a final edition.

I still need to write up a release form for the contest and hammer out the final specs and deadline. But please, if you’re an artist, sharpen up your pencils and take stock of your paint. I never liked the drab covers of these books, and I’m hoping that some enthusiastic artists can provide some terrific art for the cover and interior.

For the Contest announcement and updates, please join the group on Facebook titled, THE BRIDGE and BRACKEN TRILOGY Fan Art Page. Incidentally, if you have fan art that you want to post, or photos of costumes or models that you built as part of reading any book of the Bracken Trilogy, you can post them on that page without needing to enter the contest.

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Announcing the Fan Art group for THE BRIDGE and the Bracken Trilogy




ANNOUNCING: The Bridge and Bracken Trilogy Fan Art Group. So many people here have talked about artwork, songs, audio recordings, costumes, that they made about Bracken, that I’ve opened a group for fan art of all descriptions. If your project has gone the way of all flesh, post any old photos you have.

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THE BRIDGE by Jeri Massi is back in production

Bridge Front Cover Only

The rights to The Bridge have finally reverted to me. I wasn’t given the artwork, however. So this is the new cover, which is more exciting than the original, though a lot simpler. A friend on Facebook is helping me organize a contest for artists to submit covers for the next two books in the trilogy. I plan to write a one-page spec sheet on what I’m looking for. I was supposed to get it done today, but building the web site hindered me.

The Bridge is not yet up for sale. It’s in the final stages of production. You can go through to the Shop page and order it, but I can’t ship it to you for another day or two.